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For a more personalised service, you can add one of our extras below. (They add more time to the duration of the cleaning)

  1. Deep cleaning (spring cleaning): this requires more time and attention. It’s the best option to select if your home has not been cleaned by a professional in quite some time or is not maintained on a regular basis.(+45$)
  2. Move in/Move out(+55$)
  3. Walls: only applicable to walls that can sustain gentle scrubbing without deteriorating the paint ( baked enamel or general purpose enamel) – (+40$)
  4. Grout cleaning and sealing; using a brush and bleach, we get the grout as clean as possible. Then we apply a coat of masonry sealer so that it won’t absorb dirt in the future.(+55$)
  5. Floor waxing: after cleaning the floor we add a floor finish or wax to maintain the shiny appearance of the floor.(+50$)
  6. Inside windows(+25$)
  7. Inside cabinets; we wipe inside all the cabinets and rearrange the items as they were before(+25$)
  8. Inside the oven(+25$)
  9. Inside the fridge(+25$)
  10. Load of laundry and folding(+25$)
  11. Dishwashing(+30$)
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