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You Can Rely On Our Professional Cleaners To Deliver High-Quality Service With A Smile. Benefits Of Our Service Include; Easy Online Booking And Scheduling, 100% Satisfaction GuaranteeAnd Dealing With Trained And Insured Cleaners

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The standard home cleaning service for the kitchen, the living areas, the bathrooms and bedrooms, includes the following:
  1. Dusting (Under and top of all items)
  2. Countertops and baseboards
  3. Floors vacuumed
  4. Inside and outside of microwave
  5. Outside of all appliances
  6. Top of refrigerator/handles/sides
  7. Behind toilets and trash cans
  8. Shower walls and doors
  9. Mirrors, sinks and faucets
  10. Toilets
  11. Mildew, soap scums and water stains (subject to conditions)
  12. Window sills and ledges
  13. Floors mopped

Hourly rate: $44/hour (5% off on monthly cleanings, 10% off fortnightly and 15% off weekly)

For a more personalised service, you can add one of our extras below. (They add more time to the duration of the cleaning)

Inspection/Vacate Cleaning +$400(From $400– Additional Booking Hours May Apply) : This requires more time and attention but it’s the best option to select for inspection or move in/move out purpose.  We will not only satisfy you but the property managers/buyers as well.

Professional Cleaning of Window /Glass Panel +$35each (front/back)

Window/glass panel tracks/sliding door tracks (inside only) +$50(additional booking hours may apply)

Oven and Rangehood (Inside/Outside) +$88

Walls +$80(Additional Booking Hours May Apply) : Only applicable to walls that can sustain gentle scrubbing without deteriorating the paint ( baked enamel or general purpose enamel), additional booking hours may be required when there are too many walls to cover

Removing Hard Water Stains/Soap Scums +$50(Per Shower)

Inside Cabinets +$65(Additional Booking Hours May Apply) : We wipe inside all the cabinets and rearrange the items as they were before, additional booking hours may be required when there are too many cabinets.

Inside the Fridge +$43(One Fridge)

Loading of Laundry/Dryer and Folding (One Load) +$35

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* All fees and rates are listed ex GST. Please note 10% GST will charged in addition to.

** We charge an additional $10 for places over 30 km in distance from Perth CBD.

*** Our credit terms are strictly Cash On Delivery.

We understand that someone has to take care your house chores while you’re at work. And this should be someone you can trust. That is why we are working for you. Our experienced and reliable cleaning workers will handle your cleaning issues.

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