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8 Questions You Should Ask the Cleaning Service Company

How to Find the Right Apartment Cleaning Perth Company?

Finding the right apartment cleaning Perth to trust can be difficult. Especially if you are meticulous and finds it hard to trust people you barely know. But there is nothing wrong with that. In fact, what’s wrong is being the opposite. But given the fact that you live in an apartment means that you are now in the point of your life when you are chasing dreams. Or simply just trying to get by. Hence, you don’t have much time to clean, do you? And as a free young man or woman you are, you need to be out more often. But nonetheless, your apartment still needs the cleaning it deserves.

Now, if trust is the main issue, then we have a fix for that. We will discuss how you can get certainty in getting the right people to clean your apartment. It’s not too difficult really. The right questions will give you the right answers. So, in hiring your apartment cleaning Perth company, be sure to ask these questions to ensure you found the right one. And zero-out contingencies as much as you can. So with the 8 questions below, you can make sure there will be no unforeseen issues along the way.

8 Questions You Should Ask the Cleaning Service Company

1. What Rates Should You Expect and How to Set Them?

Yup! Go right down to business and confront the catch. Ask about apartment cleaning Perth rates and how it is set. This is for you to see if it’s going to work for you financially. Much preferably, ask this after stating your case. State how is your situation and how often do you want the cleaner in your apartment.

2. Does Your Company Do A Background Check on Your Employees?

This is a very important question. Cleaning services companies should run a background check for their employees. Furthermore, it will be their selling point and a deciding factor for clients such as yourself too. Afterall, your safety and security should be their main concern aside from giving you the best service.

3. How About Insurance and Bond?

Regardless how much guarantee a firm will give you, it’s already the new millennium. Insurance and bonds are vital these days especially for cleaning service providers. So, upon booking, ask them how they go about insurance and bond. See if the terms work well for you.

4. Do I Need to Give the Cleaner a Cleaning Supply or Do You Bring Your Own?

Supplies are expenses. So, when you find a prospect apartment cleaning Perth firm, ask them if they got this covered. In fact, most cleaning services need complete supplies in their processes. Just like carpet steam cleaning Perth and other apartment cleaning services either inclusive or extra.

5. Is There A Satisfaction Guarantee?

Ask what’s your win-win deal.  Every smart customer goes right on to that. After all, there are many apartment cleaning Perth companies out there. So, ask why you should acquire your prospect’s services. For example, for us in Maid in Perth, we guarantee 100% satisfaction guarantee for our customers. If they are dissatisfied with our service, we will come back to get it right.

6. How Do You Like to Gain Access to My Apartment?

Every apartment cleaning Perth personnel will need access to your home. And most cases, they will come when you’re not around. Thus, for your own peace of mind, make yourself aware of how and when are they accessing your place. Ask them what their usual routine are and see if it works.

7. What Other Inclusive Services Do You Have?

The most common mistake of customers is assuming which services are inclusive. And thus, leading to their own dissatisfaction. It will be better to make yourself aware of what should be your expectations so that you can get extras if needed like fridge cleaning Perth for example.

8. Are All these Noted?

Once everything is settled and you’re good to go, make sure everything is noted. This is for leverage sake in case of unexpected events.

Trust is difficult to give especially to strangers. But once you get enough leverage and guarantee, it’ll get much easier. After all, the main thing here is the need for your apartment to get cleaning services done.

Do You Have More Questions?

No problem! We will be happy to answer all your queries and get you an appointment soonest as possible. Maid in Perth is your number one choice for apartment cleaning.

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