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Deep Cleaning Bathroom

deep cleaning bathroom

How to Do an Effective Deep Cleaning Bathroom Tasks?

One of the toughest places to clean is your bathroom. Aside from your kitchen, your bathroom also deserves to be cleaned after all the stuff you did there. So, to sanitize and clean it, you need to do some deep cleaning bathroom task once in a while.

Spraying and wiping are not enough to say that it’s already free from dirt and germs. Let’s say, you can hire professional reliable cleaners to do it for you, but what if the job needs to be done as soon as possible? Well, hiring cleaners is indeed a good idea to lighten up your burden, however, you’re not just the only one that needs them. Most of the time they’re fully booked and you have to wait for your schedule. But you can’t wait that long if you have friends coming in a couple of hours, right? Of course, you don’t want to embarrass yourself for having a dirty loo. Just so you know, they may consider not visiting your home next time.

Deep cleaning bathroom can be easy if you only know how to do it properly. You have to deal with all the hair, dust and scum. Getting affordable house cleaning services can be a hassle if you need to do a last-minute task because your friends are coming over. So, if you are looking for a less than an hour way to make your deep cleaning bathroom task, you’re on the right page. We have listed down 7 steps on how to do it efficiently.

Easy Steps to Follow to do an effective Deep Cleaning Bathroom Tasks

1. Get your cleaning supplies ready.

Before you start the deep cleaning bathroom session, it is necessary to get the supplies you will use for the task. And to avoid wasting time by looking for each product anywhere, place them in one place. Choose only the supplies you need and take them with you.

If you’re not sure what supplies you have to buy, we recommend you to get a glass-cleaner, all-purpose cleaner, a scrub brush and a bucket, gloves, toilet cleaner, disinfecting wipes, a broom and clean rags. All these things can do the trick. (Tip: You can make the tidying process a little more fun by listening to your favourite Spotify playlist! Let your body do the groove while making your shower room spotless and fresh!)

2. Begin with the shower.

This is probably the easiest part in the deep cleaning bathroom task, so you have to get these over first. For your shower, get a plastic grocery bag (make sure it’s enough to fully drench its nozzle) and pour an ample amount of white vinegar into it. Tie the grocery bag and let it soak there overnight. Then, in the morning, remove it and rinse it by running the water.

On the other hand, your plastic shower curtains and liners also need to have a fresh beginning. Let them spin in the washing machine using detergent and a few old towels which act as scrubbers to remove mildew and soap scum. Then, let it dry.

3. Remove toiletries from the surfaces.

Let your counters breathe for a while by clearing off the toiletries on it. Also, unplug the appliances and store them in your cabinets properly. Then, wipe the surfaces with an all-purpose cleaner. Once done, arrange all the toiletries in an orderly. Don’t forget to wipe your mirror as well with a glass cleaner.

4. Brush the sink.

For your sink, pour vinegar or baking soda down the drain. Flush it after with plenty of piping-hot water to unclog it. Next, wipe down the taps, drain and its surrounding area with disinfectant wipes. It can get rid of any lingering bacteria and at the same time, make it sparkling clean. This is one of the sources of germs, so make sure it’s totally clean.

5. Change the towels.

Hand towels and washcloths need to get replaced at least 2-3 days. But if you tend to forget it, this is the best time to do it. Throw your unwashed towels in the laundry and set out new ones. Make sure to wash the old ones to avoid the build-up of bacteria and mould in it.

6. Deal with the toilet.

Let’s then proceed to tidy up the toilet. It will not be a difficult thing to do if you just know how to do it efficiently. Start with wearing your gloves. Then, start with wiping down the tank, lid, flusher, top and bottom of the rim using the microfiber cloth or paper towel. Continue with the base and the spot behind the toilet – which people tend to forget about. Every corner of the toilet should be cleaned and disinfected properly especially the hard-to-reach nooks and crannies.

Moreover, don’t neglect the bowl itself by scrubbing it thoroughly by using toilet bowl brush. Don’t also forget to disinfect it as it is the most important deep cleaning bathroom task. When you’re finished, flush it, then close the lid. Let the brush dangle over the bowl so it can dry itself up.

7. Lastly, clear off cleaning tools.

Finally, after the wiping and scrubbing, it’s time to do the final touch. Sweep the floor, empty the rubbish bin and spray some air freshener. You can also put some fresh flowers in a vase next to your sink and that’s it, you’re done!

Maintaining your home neat with a welcoming feeling can bring positivity to anyone who visits or live in it. Not only the main rooms like bedrooms, kitchen and living room that needs attention. But keep in mind that your shower room is also included. Not doing so can get you and your loved ones catch an illness. And that can be the worst thing to happen.

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