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Move Out Cleaning Services


4 Ways to Get the Most out of Move out Cleaning Services

Moving out can be a lot of work. Performing a deep clean when you have other things to worry about, such as your transition into a new home or apartment, can make move-out cleaning easy to neglect. Fortunately, there are move out cleaning services that can help you ease your transition.

In this guide, we’ll share with you how you can get the most out of a move out cleaning service and give the area a good scrub from top to bottom.

Why Move Out Cleaning Services?

It’s important to leave a house or apartment just as clean as when you first moved in, or cleaner. Many apartments and houses only require a “broom-clean” before the place is completely vacated. Others may require a more thorough cleanup that covers everything from kitchen cabinets to the basement.

How to Get the Most From a Cleaning Service

1. Have a checklist.

Some cleaners may not do laundry except for towels and bed linens. This is important to ask your cleaner before you hire them.

Have a cleaning checklist of the areas or cleaning tasks you would like the cleaner to go through before he or she arrives to save time.

Include small spaces and corners such as shelves and kitchen cabinets. The bathroom must also be completely cleared out and cleaned.

2. Communicate with your cleaner.

Clear communication will make it easier for the person who cleans your home to do the work right. Leave a note for specific areas that require extra attention.

If it’s the cleaner’s first time in the apartment or house, give them a quick tour of the area and let them know which areas are especially bothersome, so he or she can prepare in advance.

Moreover, inform your cleaner if you have pets. It’s best to keep pets away during the cleaning, however. Consider asking a friend to take care of your pets for a few hours, or keep the pets in a separate area to ensure their safety and to minimise distractions for the cleaner.

3. Be professional.

When you treat a house cleaner with kindness and professionalism, they are more likely to give you a good level of service.

Be clear about what you like and don’t like, but do so politely.

You may also direct your questions or concerns to the company that’s providing the move out cleaning services.

4. Do a quick check as soon as the cleaner finishes.

When the cleaner finally wraps up, you can check the areas that are a little harder to spot or easy to ignore. Don’t forget the corners and appliances in the bathroom or kitchen.

Most house cleaners also offer a professional bathroom cleaning service to whiten up the tiles and remove grime or mildew. This is great for giving the bathroom that brand-new sparkle.

Doing a quick check will help you identify the areas that need a finishing touch right before you vacate the space.

Key Takeaway

Opting to hire move out cleaning services is a great gesture towards the next person living in the house or apartment. Not only are you giving them a better moving-in experience, but you also get peace of mind knowing you’re not leaving a mess for the next person to clean up after you.