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Complete Apartment Cleaning Checklist

Complete Apartment Cleaning Checklist

A Complete Apartment Cleaning Checklist is All You Need for Your Apartment

Before we concern ourselves of a complete apartment cleaning checklist, it is better to understand first why there is the need to clean an apartment. And what is that area in your apartment that needs regular cleaning and maintenance. Of course, if only at all times, you as an owner or renter has enough time, surely, you’ll do the cleaning yourself. Although, saving you money but not your time and effort. We understand not everyone is fond of cleaning and has the heart to do it. Therefore, we have come up on this topic to give you a guide on what are the things that needs to be done when cleaning if you’re not going to do it yourself. Although, for the daily tasks, you can just do it all without hassle. However, there are tasks such as deep cleaning your carpet, oven or fridge, etc. that do need a professional touch.

For the complete apartment cleaning checklist, you can actually have a list of the things that needs to be done. Aside from the daily tasks, you can leave all those more tedious tasks to professional home cleaning Perth. By doing so, you don’t really need to rush on doing it and find yourself exhausted. Nor sacrifice a day of your important appointments or business just to clean your apartment in every week or month.

In this article, you’ll see a complete apartment cleaning checklist that is truly useful. Once you’ll get into reviewing each of the tasks, you’ll see how they are important to apply for your apartment cleaning or whenever you might want to hire some cleaners. The details of each of these tasks are divided into daily, week and monthly cleaning, here are:

Complete Apartment Cleaning Checklist

Daily Basis Checklist

Basically. there are areas in your apartment that truly need cleaning in a daily basis. Well, the truth is, these tasks are often less tedious and could just be part of our daily routine. And when we do them each day, we find it easy to control those germs and dirt that may easily accumulate. The complete apartment cleaning checklist for this are as follows:

Kitchen Areas:

  • Wash dishes every day
  • Wipe up kitchen surfaces such as the stove, the sinks and the counters
  • Everyday, sweep the floor and clean all dirty spots.

Bathroom Areas:

  • Clean the sinks and wipe up counters. Generally, using disposable wipes can make this tasks quickly done.
  • On a daily basis, wipe toilet seat and base. Practically, giving a quick scrub on the toilet bowls can help takeout the germs at least once a day in the morning.
  • Collect hair fall on the floors using a Swiffer of vacuum
  • Clean showers and mirrors using a shower spree and a squeegee.


  • Make your bed
  • Pick up the clutter and organise clothes
  • Keeping dressers and other cabinet surfaces clean

Living Room Area:

  • Puff up pillows and clean all the clutter off the sofa and other furniture
  • Dust or sweep up crumbs
  • Put away books, DVD’s to create order especially with your coffee tables

Weekly Basis Checklist

Yes, to better manage your time, other tasks here under can just be done per weekly basis. Whilst you’re busy even on the whole week, you can just assign a home cleaning services Perth to do the cleaning on a weekly basis. With the help of a complete apartment cleaning checklist.

  • Dust off all surfaces and furniture including those in the rooms
  • Mop or vacuum all floors and carpets including the stairs and rooms.
  • Clean the fridge, oven and other appliance
  • Thoroughly clean the bathrooms
  • Change and wash all the linens
  • Take out all the trash including those in the bedrooms, bathrooms or toilets

Monthly Basis Checklist

This monthly task usually needs more time to accomplish. And for most, professional cleaners can perform these tasks efficiently especially when going through with deep cleaning home checklist. And for those tasks that are quite laborious and tedious.

  • Wipe down baseboards, walls, woodwork and tiles. Especially those tiles in the kitchen and bathrooms.
  • Deep clean windows and window treatments
  • Clean inside appliance such as oven and fridge. Or, better yet, deep clean these appliances
  • Vacuum upholstered furniture and deep clean carpets.
  • Do deep dusting in your ceiling corners, behind furniture areas as well as the fans and vents

As always, an apartment needs regular cleaning and maintenance. Generally, having a complete apartment cleaning checklist is advantageous and essential. This does not only serves as a useful guide in making the cleaning tasks easier and less time consuming. But most importantly, this complete apartment cleaning checklist can assure you that your apartment cleaning Perth can be done with less hassle.

Moreover, if cleaning is not really your thing, no worries! Some tend to just leave clutter as is and never tidy up. And this is when the professional cleaners come in. Having professional Perth Home cleaners can surely bring you good news.

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