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Deep Cleaning Home Checklist


Deep Cleaning Home Checklist Guide: The Must Thoroughly Cleaned Areas

Keeping our home nice and clean is very important. It is where we live and spend our time with our family and loved ones. We want every corner of the house clean and sanitise. That is why cleaning should be part of a regular task we do at home. However, we can’t just expect to clean everything at home every day. Especially that some corners in the house is not an easy reach. Meaning, it will basically be cleaned occasionally and that is why you need to carry out deep cleaning.

Deep cleaning is different from the regular and spring cleaning that we do. This needs much more emphasis on the area that we are cleaning to. Thus, it is more detailed and each corner of the entire house and appliances are being cleaned. Hence, it’s going to be a lot of things to do. But knowing these Deep Cleaning Home Checklist will surely help you save your time. Having a guide when doing home tasks or any tasks can surely make it smooth and easy. That’s why when doing this thorough and deep cleaning, a checklist is a must. Without a schedule, one always finds it difficult when to do the cleaning and how to do it. Either on a weekly, monthly, quarterly or yearly basis. As long as, with the help of your deep cleaning home checklist, you are able to obtain the best cleaning result you desire.

As you read on, you will discover that a shorter but precise deep cleaning home checklist is always the most appropriate to consider. One that will allow you to really hit the spots and obtain real clean results. Also, as you continue reading, you’ll see what are those areas of your house that needs priority when it comes to urgent cleaning. Even if you have actually no time doing these tasks. But then, you’re left with no choice. Therefore, this now calls for you to prioritise booking a home cleaning Perth as they will do efficiently all the urgent cleaning tasks for you. The four (4) deep home cleaning checklist that you need to prioritise, here are:

The Four (4) Deep Cleaning Home Checklist

1.The Kitchen

Your kitchen is one of the most used parts in the house where most germs accumulate. The areas where food is prepared or stored had more bacteria than other places in the home. Thus, the main reason why this is on the top of our deep cleaning home checklist. Here’s how you sanitise your kitchen when deep cleaning:

  • Wipe down cabinets and countertops using disinfectant solution.
    • Using a wet rag or cloth, gently wipe off the dust and dirt inside and outside of cabinets or cupboards. It is better to use a damp rag in wiping the dust because it keeps the dust on the rag. Also, it avoids scattering around the room.
    • Make sure to remove items on the counter before deep cleaning such as appliances, knife blocks and etc. You may use cleaning wipes or spray disinfectant solution to clear up corners and spaces.
  • Dust off appliances such as your fridge, dishwasher and microwaves.
    • You also need to dust off other appliances before cleaning the inside.
  • Clean the Fridge and Defrost Freezer.
    • First things first. See to it that the fridge is free from any debris or other falling objects on top of it. Once it’s all clear, then start taking everything out from the fridge. Always start cleaning from top to bottom then left to right. That way you can make sure you cleaned the entire space. After cleaning the inside, and putting everything back in the fridge, check all the expiration dates of the food. Consume food that nearly past its validity. Lastly, sanitise the door handles and put handle cover for the fridge.
  • Clean Microwave Interior.
    •  You can make a vinegar solution in cleaning microwave interiors. Just microwave solution for at least 3-5 minutes. Vinegar acts as a natural disinfectant as it evaporates inside the microwave. This makes the stains and grease easy to remove. Once it’s done just wipe off stains and grease.
  • Sanitise Sinks.
    • Pour warm water in the sink and brush it inside and around. Use disinfectant spray in cleaning the sink. Or you may use a baking soda solution to clean up this area. And pour hot water in the sink to kill those hidden bacteria.
  • Place knobs and stove drip pans in the sink with warm soapy water and leave it at least 30 minutes to soften and remove the grease and grimes.
  • Sweep and mop floors.
    • Sweep from top to bottom or from higher to lower ground. Make sure to remove carpets too when sweeping the floor.
  • Throw Out old Sponges.
    • Sponges are mostly used to wash everything in the kitchen like plates, glass, knives, and other kitchen utensils. So as expected, germs and bacteria are easily lurking on our sponges. You may disinfect sponges every after few days by soaking it in a bleach solution (3/4 cup of bleach in 1 gallon of water) for five minutes. Rinse it after soaking in the solution. Some would also microwave their sponges but it’s not really a guarantee of cleaning it. Thus, you have to really replace used sponge after a couple of weeks.

2. The Bathrooms

Aside from the kitchen, the bathroom also needs daily or weekly cleaning. If you disregard this task in your deep cleaning home checklist, you will see how the grout gradually develops. By that, it could be hard and difficult for you to remove stains and grouts by yourself. Instead, you will be needing help from professional home cleaning services. Therefore, whether you like it or not, it is always beneficial to prioritise deep cleaning your bathrooms. The guide checklist of the tasks are as follows:

  • Remove and empty things from tub and shower.
    • Remove the unnecessary things in the bathroom when cleaning. Such as wastebaskets or bin. Remove rugs or mat too so it won’t be soaking wet during the cleaning.
  • Scrub Sinks, Showers, Bathtubs, Shower Walls, Toilet and Floor.
    • Spray cleaning solutions to sink, soap dish, shower floors and walls, toilet and to other areas that need to be sanitised. Leave it for a couple of minutes to penetrate well on the surface. And soften the dirt and grimes from the area. After, wipe it down to clean it. Scrub areas that need to be scrub such as the toilet. Sometimes the spray solution is not enough to a degree that you need to scrub the dirt away. Rinse it well after so there is no left spray or soap residue.
  • Clean the mirrors, shine faucets and wash the floors.
    • Don’t forget to clean small things in there too, toothbrush rack, mirrors, etc. Use the same solution or spray solution you’re using with cleaning the other glass materials.
  • Replace the dirty rugs, bathmat and wastebaskets.
    • Once the bathroom is all cleaned. You can now put clean rugs, bathmat and wastebaskets back to the room.


3.The Bedrooms

Now, if you are not used to remove clutter, dust and vacuum your bedrooms on a daily basis, then it’s about time that you’ll need to prioritise doing these basic bedroom cleaning tasks. Why? because the bedroom should be free from dust and dirt every day. It is the place where you rest so guard yourself from any simple health risks such as colds and asthma. Even if you’ll say that your bedroom is close at all times, still it usually cannot escape from daily dust and dirt, especially when it’s designed with curtains, carpets and other leatherette.

The best ways to maintain your bedroom’s deep cleaning home checklist, here are;

  • Remove and Wash Curtains.
    • Remove curtains carefully from windows. If your window is high, make sure to use a ladder or chair. Put it in a still position so it can’t be moved to avoid any accident.
  • Dust off Ceilings, Windows, Cabinets and Countertops.
    • It is always good to clean up from top to bottom. So make sure when you are cleaning your bedroom or even any room you start from the top. This tip will save you time from cleaning back and forth. Using a vacuum cleaner, collect all the dust accumulated on the ceilings, windows and etc. Then, wipe windows, cabinets, countertops using a wet cloth to make sure that no dust is still sitting in there. You can also use paper towel in wiping windows if you want to. Don’t forget to wipe your ceiling fan blades if you have one.
  • Remove and Wash Beddings.
    • After cleaning the ceilings, you can now remove and put the beddings in the laundry ready to wash.
  • Clean up Mattress.
    • Flip or toss the mattress. You can put on your mattress under the sun and let it sit for at least 20-30 minutes. You can also freshen up your mattress by using baking soda. It acts as an antibacterial and antimicrobial. Let it sit for 45-60 minutes and vacuum it up after.
  • Mop or Vacuum floors and Carpets.
    • You can either mop or vacuum your floors. If you wish to mop floors, you can first spray disinfectant solution before moping it. Also, remember to vacuum the dust lurking in the carpets, under beds, cabinets and closet.
  • Organise cabinets and drawers.
    • You can sort out items in your cabinets that are no longer in use to free up space.


4. The Windows

For the windows, these also need priority in your deep cleaning home checklist. Once and for all, when windows are not regularly cleaned, you’ll surely miss the fresh air from your surroundings. In fact, when windows are not shining clean it also affects our vision of what’s outside. May it be that of our living rooms or bedrooms. Hence, windows should be kept clean, free from blurs or tints and shades. Here’s how you do it.

  •  Remove window screens, frames, curtains, etc.
    • Carefully remove screens and frames from windows to avoid cutting yourself. Use a vinegar solution in wiping glass windows. You can also use a streak-free spray cleaner for window glass.
  • Wash those screens or frames, wipe dry and return or fix to their proper places.
    • You can wash them right after you remove so you can let it dry while cleaning windows or cleaning other stuff. To wash screens and frames, you can soak them in a soapy disinfectant solution. Wipe dry the items or you can use a blower to dry it.
  • Clean windows and other Glass materials using non-abrasive brush or squeegee.
    • Always remember that glass material has a very sensitive surface and easily scratch. For better and quality result use non- abrasive brush or a squeegee in cleaning them.


Now that you know what to prioritise, let this be your guide in your deep cleaning home checklist. Actually, you don’t need those long lists of checklists of cleaning tasks to do. Nor deep cleaning house tips that confuse you more on what, how and when to do your home cleaning efficiently. What you only need is the strategy of an expert and obtain an exceptional deep home cleaning Perth cleaning results.