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Carpet Cleaning Methods

Carpet Cleaning Methods

The key to your carpet’s long life is a proper carpet cleaning method. But of course, finding the best way to handle dirty carpet might be challenging. In this article, we will introduce you to a few helpful ways to clean your home, office or apartment carpet. These carpet cleaning methods are what professional carpet cleaners do. So, you can also rely on the methods if you wish to do the carpet cleaning yourself.

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Efficient Carpet Cleaning Methods

1. Hot Water Extraction Carpet Cleaning

Carpet cleaners also call this method the carpet steam cleaning. This type of cleaning is as one of the best deep cleaning methods for carpets. It uses hot water with high pressure to loosen the dust and dirt in the fibre. The water that is used has a mixture of cleaning products. However, this method best requires an expert touch for you to achieve the best result. Experts know what are the right cleaning products for each type of fabric and the right hot water temperature that is suitable for your carpet. There are also carpet steam cleaning machines that are available for rent if you want to do the cleaning yourself. Just be mindful of the cleaning solution you’re going to use. Ensure that is eco-friendly and is safe for your carpet.

2. Dry Carpet Cleaning

You can also resort to a carpet cleaning method that does not involve water or has very low moisture. In short, dry cleaning. It uses a dry cleaning compound which can also be a powder that is infused with cleaning properties. It can attract and absorbs soil, dirt and dust. The powder is then spread out by using a device which has a rotating motor brush. The device is moved around the carpet to open up the fibres for the powder to settle for about 15 minutes and then sucked the powder away with the help of the vacuum cleaner; thus, leaving your carpet fresh and new! You won’t be needing to rinse and dry it overnight anymore.

It also works well especially when you need your carpet to get done as soon as possible. As what professional carpet cleaners recommend, you can apply this method especially for offices and business firms that need to operate 24 hours every day. 

3. Foam Encapsulation

This specific method uses a synthetic type of detergent that will help remove dirt efficiently. It works by crystallization once it dries. Then it turns into a powder form which helps loosen the accumulated dust and dirt particles in the fibre. After that, you can now vacuum or even use your brush to completely clean the carpet. This technique has taken over the carpet cleaning services today. Since it uses less water, and it also requires less time for the entire cleaning process, the cleaner can definitely maximize his or her time for other tasks as well. 

4. Bonneting Method

The bonneting method deals with the surface and is not that intensive compared to other carpet cleaning methods. However, it can still produce a good result. You can also perform this method better using a motorized device with a spinning pad. This quick solution to your dirty carpet can already give you a nice and tidy look in just a couple of minutes. Just remember that when you use this method, you should not forget to do a deep cleaning every once in a while.

5. Carpet Shampooing Method

Using carpet shampoo can heavily clean your carpet especially when there’s already so much dust and soil beneath. In this kind of method, the solution or shampoo that is applied to the carpet forms foam that attracts the dirt. You just have let the solution dry on the carpet until it becomes brittle and separates itself from the fibres. And to give it a final touch, use a vacuum to get rid all of those remaining bristles. And then, voila! You now have a much good looking carpet done by yourself.

As a matter of fact, this type of cleaning is the most commonly used method that does not require any professional. It’s just a complete DIY and no need for power tools; your vacuum will do. On the other hand, you should be careful in choosing what kind of carpet shampoo you’d be using. Some strong solutions may damage your carpet. Use only the right product and apply the right amount of solution to prevent any damages on your carpet.

Given the suggested methods above, which one is your favourite? Care to let us know? If you wish to have your own carpet cleaned using one of these methods, you can freely connect with us and discuss your concerns.

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