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Easy Home Cleaning Tips

Easy Home Cleaning Tips

Easy Home Cleaning Tips for Working Mums

In one whole week, working mums spend 51 estimated hours caring for people and 25 more hours doing housework. All in all, working mums spend an estimation of 76 hours in a week for work that is not paid. Now when you add sleep, actual day job working hours that’s approximately 158 hours. Mind you, there are only 168 hours in a week. This clearly shows, that most working mums have less time for rest and/or leisure. Also, housework seems to be a non-stop career for them, thus, time for them is of great value. And it must be used properly and efficiently. Working mums always make the most out of every minute. And they always find the easiest and most efficient way to do house cleaning. It is in this light, that the easy home cleaning tips can be very helpful to all working mums.

Perhaps, looking into the details on how to do your house cleaning in just a couple of hours, can really be useful and beneficial. Not only you will know how to do house cleaning in the most efficient way. Also, you can shorten overall cleaning time as well. Then you will come to realise, that long hours of cleaning are not really necessary. As a matter of fact, it is advantageous for working mums like you, if you can manage to finish multiple tasks in just a couple of hours or less. This way, you can spend more time doing other important tasks. Or, spend more time on leisure and or quality family bonding moments.

5 Fast and Easy Home Cleaning Tips for Working Mums

1.      Clean your bedroom in 30 minutes

Clear the clutter, remake your bed and wipe down furniture of your bedroom in 30-minute running time.  Does it sound impossible? Of course not. As long as you keep your focus, then you’ll have your bedroom clean quickly and efficiently. On the other hand, distraction while doing your task will cost you more time. These distractions can be your Facebook updates, your email messages, etc. So, it is practical to refrain from checking your phone or computer cleaning. All other stuff can wait. Anyway, you’ll have more time for that since you now have budgeted time for your cleaning routine.

For your bedroom, you can start cleaning by remaking your beds. As efficiently as you can, strip linens and arrange it all very well. Then, start to clear all the clutter. You can use a spare basket and put all the clutter in there.  Also, you can keep this basket or bin inside your closet, making things very organised. Then, you can just arrange what you’ve dropped in your spare basket later on. Finally, wipe down your bedroom furniture using a dusting spray and a microfiber cloth. An air freshener surely will make your bedroom smell fresh and clean all day. This must take you around 30 minutes and you’re good to go.

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2.      A quick trip to clean your bathroom in less than 30 minutes

A quick trip around your bathroom to spray and clear counters will only take less than 30 minutes. Well, you are free to disagree with this idea. Anyway, there’s nothing to lose so why not give it a try. With this 30-minute bathroom easy home cleaning tips, your bathroom cleaning will that be efficient and less time-consuming.

The first step is clearing counters by spraying with a bathroom cleaner including bathtubs and outer toilet surfaces. This can be done in 10 minutes time. When you’re done spraying, let it sit for a couple of minutes and then move on to cleaning your toilet and floors in a 10-minute pace. Finally, you can spend the remaining 30 minutes rinsing toilet surfaces or wiping down counters.

3.      Spend 25 minutes cleaning your Dining Room/Living Room

You can clear the clutter, dust all surfaces and vacuum your floor in 25-minute running time. So as to give you less time and less hassle easy home cleaning tips.

The first 10 minutes can be spent in clearing all the clutters of your living room. To make this task a lot easier, it would be helpful if you have a spare basket or bin with you. Then, you can just organise everything that you’ve dropped in your spare bin later. The remaining 15 minutes can be used for dusting and vacuuming. Start with your living room’s blinds, ceiling fans and other surfaces. Practically, dusting will just take you 5 minutes to finish. Hence, the last 10 minutes can be used for vacuuming the floors and the carpets.

4.      Tidy your kitchen in 25minutes

You can load all dirty dishes in a dishwasher and finish all your kitchen cleaning stuff in 25 minutes time. Actually, for those who are really serious and focused in doing their task,25 minutes is already more than enough. But, of course, this is good for those whose kitchen is within the standard size. The larger kitchen area, also, generally takes a longer cleaning time to finish.

Here’s25-minute easy home cleaning tips for your kitchen. For 5 to 10 minutes, you can load all your dishes in the dishwasher and fill sink with soapy water. Including all the oven burner grates. You should have already cleared the counters with a damp cloth or sponge, starting from top to bottom. With the additional 5 minutes, you could return all the dishes and burner grates to their proper places. Finally, you can clean your kitchen floors with the remaining 10 minutes. You can choose to takeout the dust by just simply sweeping. Or, you can do both sweeping and mopping, conscious of the 10-minute time left for your kitchen cleaning.

5.      Vacuum and mop your floors for 15 minutes

Vacuum your floors and carpets as quickly and as efficiently as possible within 15-minutes. Firstly, you can do the vacuum in 10-minute time. Basically, you won’t be able to do it all that fast if you are so distracted. However, easy home cleaning tips suggest you move quickly and in focus. In order to efficiently yet quickly do all your house cleaning tasks. After vacuuming you can now proceed to mop your floors with the remaining 5 minutes.

When faced with time pressure, most working mums can finish their work as fast as superheroes like Quicksilver or Flash. And, are able to carry the extra weight of strength like Hercules or Samson. Consequently, these working mums are always looking for easy home cleaning tips that can help them achieve more efficient cleaning ways. As well as techniques of house cleaning that are done with less effort and less time. All that said, easy home cleaning tips are always beneficial for working mums. With the shortened hours spent for house works, they find it truly helpful being able to spend more of time for their family and/or for their other important tasks.

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