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Thorough House Cleaning Checklist

Thorough House Cleaning Checklist

Clean your home by utilising a thorough house cleaning checklist

Utilising a thorough house cleaning checklist within a systematic cleaning plan can be helpful in cleaning. Once you have an orderly and well-organised cleaning plan, it will help you save energy and time. Of course, cleaning can be difficult and strenuous. This, subsequently, is a common issue for most home cleaners. And accordingly, using a thorough house cleaning checklist tool can be a solution to this problem.

Keeping our house clean is very important for all of us. Having a clean house makes us feel better and relaxed. Particularly when everything around us seems to be orderly and well-organised. Furthermore, if you have kids at home, you feel assured that they’re healthy and not susceptible to any bacteria or germs. All in all, a clean and beautiful house always gives us a really fine home.

To maintain a clean and fine ambience of your house, it is very essential to utilise a thorough house cleaning checklist. It is recommended to use it in your every home cleaning programme, it will help you sort out tasks from the simpler to the most laborious ones. Consequently, you can also choose to leave some work undone and still do them with ease in your next cleaning schedule. As long as you keep it all listed in your checklist. This, aside from being systematic, keeps you on track with your next cleaning plan. And above all, you can call professional and reliable cleaners, if you find some back-breaking and needing your extra energy.

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6 Complete and Thorough House Cleaning Checklist

1.      Daily Checklist

These tasks are simple.  And can be done as a daily routine as well. Say, for instance, you don’t really need to wait for tomorrow to take out your trash or make your bed. Likewise, you don’t need to delay in loading or unloading your dishwasher because you use them every meal time. So, practically speaking, these daily house cleaning tasks are part of all the other tasks you have within the day. Examples of these tasks are:

  • Taking out trash
  • Wiping down bathroom counters
  • Loading or emptying the dishwasher
  • Making your bed
  • Putting toys in place, loose papers and other stray objects
  • Wiping down counters, table and sink.

2.    Weekly Checklist

Some tasks do not need your daily attention. These are the type of tasks that become necessary over time. For example, your house does not necessarily get smashed with dust in a day. They build up and accumulate slowly. So, dusting is best done weekly. A few more examples are listed as follows in this thorough house cleaning checklist item:

  • Dust hard surfaces and wipe down appliances and mirrors
  • Vacuum and mop floors
  • Disinfect countertops
  • Disinfect and scrub kitchen sink, toilet, showers and tubs
  • Change launder sheets and towels
  • Toss expired food
  • Descale coffee maker


3.      Monthly Checklist

More laborious tasks can be done in a monthly cleaning schedule. It’s either, you’ll do it all together in a month plan, or only during your spare time within the given month. For instance, if you find it difficult to complete your checklist under the weekly plan, then you can choose to add it up to your monthly list of tasks. In other words, you can freely decide what tasks is included in all your monthly cleaning schedule. And, you can regard it as up to snuff and reasonable for you. All things considered, these tasks don’t require time-urgency at all.  Some of the example tasks under this monthly plan are:

  • Disinfecting door knobs, tv remotes and light switches
  • Dusting vents and ceiling fans and mouldings
  • Brushing and Scrubbing stovetops and burner gates
  • Wiping kitchen cabinets
  • Deodorising microwaves and wipe clean with a microfibre cloth
  • Vacuuming upholstery
  • Disinfecting and wipe out wastebaskets

4.      Three to Six Months Checklist

For most house cleaners, these tasks are classified as strenuous and laborious. Usually, people do it during a general house cleaning plan. When you go over with your cleaning priorities, you’ll see that these tasks don’t really need to be done regularly. Well, you may be driven to carry them out right away, but it’ll be to your advantage if you just suspend them for a given time. Also, you can put them on the list, and classify them under the 3 to 6 months cleaning plan. This way, house cleaning for you will then be smooth sailing and less hassle.

The tasks under this thorough house cleaning checklist are:

  • vacuuming and Flipping or overturning mattress, drapes and fabric shades
  • Hand-washing or laundering curtains
  • Cleaning oven interior
  • Cleaning blinds and wood furniture and leathers
  • Scrubbing grout, deep clean windows, refrigerator interiors and freezers
  • Polishing stainless-steel appliances

5.      Once or Twice a Year Checklist

In this thorough house cleaning checklist, a collaborative effort is needed to put in an overhaul and deep cleaning application. It is equally important, that you weigh the tasks accordingly. And eventually, consider the possibility of hiring experts and reliable cleaners, if these tasks are beyond your strength and energy. Furthermore, with the expertise of the pros, you can be assured as well that you’ll get the most efficient house cleaning results. Especially, when you have a ready list of house cleaning services that fit your house cleaning needs.  And that can guarantee your satisfaction through their quality service and cleaning expertise.

  • Put out large furniture and appliances and clean behind and underneath
  • Deep clean sinks, tile grout, carpets, toilets, etc
  • Wash window screens
  • Professionally clean upholstery and drapes
  • Wipe down walls
  • Clean dryer duct

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In every endeavour, choosing the right tools is very essential in one’s quest for favourable results.  Consequently, having these tools makes your work easier and less tedious.  However, for house cleaning, achieving the desired cleaning results usually depends on how the tools are used effectively.  In most cases, you need to familiarise the tools well to obtain effective results. And most likely, when you have mastered these tools, you’ll gain ultimate house cleaning results. Much more, than what you desire or expect.  Finally, the use of a comprehensive cleaning checklist makes cleaning well-organised and systematic.  And all these, you can find present in the thorough house cleaning checklist tool.

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