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Tips from Professional Perth Home Cleaners that can Save You Time

House cleaning does not have to be very stressful. If only you can make it more efficient, practical and systematic at the same time, then it could save you more time and energy than you imagine. The trick is to be clever at all times. But how do you think can we do it?  First, take a look at what the professional Perth home cleaners have to say.

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What do Professional Perth Home Cleaners Recommend?

1. Keep away from distractions

First and foremost, you have to set a goal: To finish cleaning on time. This is not just applicable to a special-occasion-cleaning. You can also do it even when you are just planning to do a regular house cleaning. Turning your cellphone OFF is a major trick. This is to make sure that you will not be disturbed when the notification sound rings, or when someone sends a message. Otherwise, you will be trapped by new social media posts you and will go on chit-chatting with friends. The tendency is that you will lose your focus. So, instead of just putting it away, why not turn it off to make sure you will not think of anything other than your cleaning goal. 

2. Finish the easy tasks first

Next step is to identify which tasks are much easier to finish. For instance, picking up the trash and throwing it into a bin or folding your blankets, and piling it up with the pillows, etc. This is surely not even a bit difficult to get done quick. This will motivate you to further do bigger tasks. After that, you won’t notice that you are already tackling much bigger tasks. So, at this point, move on and proceed to a much harder and challenging chore.

3. Dishwasher Agenda

Even though dishwashers can clean and sanitise your kitchen wares and plates, it doesn’t mean it can clean itself without your help. Your dishwasher might have accumulated a lot of grimes by now. Since when did you make sure it’s clean? A week ago? A month? Since last year? Last year’s a bit lot though. Surely, for all you know, germs and bacteria have started a civilisation over there without your knowledge. Unload everything in the dishwasher. Ensure to clean and sanitise every nook and crannies properly with the right solutions. Bacteria can multiply if it is not hygienically maintained. Make sure to also clean the dish drains and the other parts of the area. 

4. The Squeegee Technique

A squeegee can be used to clean the shower area after a few baths. Watermarks are definitely not good to look at. Use the squeegee to wipe down the walls in a top to bottom manner. Do not forget also the side and corners of your bathtub where dirt and grimes also builds up. A squeegee is a versatile tool which means, you can use to clean the glass walls, tiles, and even the floor. 

5. Time to Change Your Soaps!

Do you think your bath soap is making you shower wall and floor look a bit odd? Dirty? Or less pleasant? If so, it’s because you are not using glycerine or vegetable oil-based ones. Do you get the clue? Yes! It is time to swap your soaps and look for those that can make your tiles, walls, and floor look shinier. Professional Perth Home Cleaners suggest that you do this to avoid leaving weird-looking scum that crusts on your bath area. 

6. Microwave Time (Oops, we’re not baking)

Step up your microwave game with this hack: Before you start cleaning, heat a mug with water and microwave it for two to three minutes. After that, you will notice the insides of your microwave gets nice and steamy. Now it’s time to do the cleaning since the residue is softened. It should be much easier to remove the grease and etc.

7. Carpet Cleaning

Following a top-to-bottom manner of cleaning, we are now down to the floor. Your carpet is where dust, pet hair, and crumbs accumulate over time. Some of these are not removed by mere vacuuming only. So, you really need to vacuum more intensively if you want to ensure a nice and hygienic home carpet. Yep, the vacuum is still the key, only that you can do it better if you are using one that has a HEPA filter. This will help suck up every last bit of dirt around your home. 

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If you follow this Professional Perth Home Cleaners’ tips, you will be assured that the outcome is worth it. But if you wish to let professionals take over the job for you, you can always get in touch with us to know more about our Home Cleaning Services Perth.